What is the International Team and What Do We Do There?

Written by: Olga Asikainen

The International Team is one of the four learning teams at Karelia University of Applied Sciences Business Academy. In the International Team, we have a Team Leader, about 6-9 members and a responsible Team Coach. At the beginning of every semester, we choose the Team Leader for the International Team.

The International Team members change around the year when some of us graduate or want to focus on other things in Business Academy. At the Business Academy, you have to be in at least one of the learning teams for a half a year during studies. But you can be in all four if you want and as long as you want.

We have meetings once a week and it’s always on Wednesday at 9 a.m. We speak only English in our meeting but it’s okay, if you don’t know some words and you ask about them in Finnish. Team members will always help you out and that’s why in the International Team it’s easier to learn to speak English. Our meetings are mostly free guided. The Team Leader does the agenda list for the meeting and runs the meeting.

In the International Team, there’s a possibility to go abroad to visit other business academies or schools. And we have planned that we could go to visit other schools’ once a semester. So, this is also a good way to make some international contacts. We get funding for our trips from Erasmus+, when they are our projects, so you don’t need to pay for the whole trip yourself. Of course, you have to buy food and etc. with your own money. This spring we went to visit Prague Tiimiakatemia.

Trip to Prague in Spring 2022.

In the International Team, there is a possibility to make yourself international and go for an exchange with the team or alone.  Also, you have the chance to translate some text and do some Instagram- or blog posts. The International Team gets to host the international guests visits at the Business Academy. We spent time with them and organize some doings.

I have been in this international team for a half a year, and I have liked it so far. I feel it’s easy way to hear and practice my English skills. It was also nice when we got to go to the Prague trip. I enjoyed that a lot and I didn’t have to pay for the trip myself. So, it was a big win! Also, our team is pretty nice! And it’s also nice that you don’t have to take any major responsibilities in the team if you don’t feel like it. As my team is great, our team coach is also awesome!

It’s about us if we have a lot to do or not, or do we go abroad or not etc. We, students organize these by ourselves. Of course, the coach helps us out if we need some, but it’s our responsibility to make things happen.

In my opinion the International Team is something you should try!