Business Academy (Y-Akatemia)


Study in Y-Akatemia, Become an Entrepreneur

Are you interested in business? Do you want to build a study path of your own kind and try entrepreneurship in a safe learning environment? Are you a team player? If you answered “yes” to even one of those questions, you might be interested in studying at Y-akatemia!  

Y-Akatemia is a learning environment for entrepreneurship at Karelia University of Applied Sciences, in which you can study entrepreneurship in multidisciplinary teams and adopt future professional life skills.   


In Y-Akatemia, you study in a team. Each team sets up a multidisciplinary cooperative company. The cooperative does different projects for real clients, and it is for You and your team to decide when, how and what kind of projects you want to do. While the main point of Y-Akatemia is to work in a team, each student can build their own individual path towards their own dreams. Y-Akatemia’s team coaches “spar” and guide the cooperatives towards their common dream.  


Internationality is one of the key elements of Y-Akatemia. Here you have great opportunities to practice your language skills, as well as expand your networks abroad. The network of Academies expands internationally. Y-Akatemia’s partner academies can be found for example from Czech Republic and Peru. There are also more academies around the world. You can go to a study exchange and internship abroad, and you also have the opportunity to join the International Team, which is responsible for developing the internationality of Y-Akatemia. The Y-Akatemia studies culminate in a Final Camp, where you get to travel the world with your team while doing a joint project.   

Being a Multidisciplinary Academy 

One of the strengths of Y-Akatemia, is the fact that it is multidisciplinary, and the teams currently are made up of tourism, media, business, nursing and physical therapy students. It is also possible for students from social services, and health care disciplines to study at Y-Akatemia. Being in a multidisciplinary environment allows You to deal and think about things from entirely new perspectives. The multidisciplinary teams in Y-Akatemia meet twice a week for dialogues to reflect and think together on a topic which is decided in advance. Dialogues develop your social intelligence, and your thinking diversifies. Once you graduate, you will have an excellent and wide mental toolkit and you will be a strongly prepared for the work life.    

What Does Y-Akatemia Offer You?   

  • An awesome and enthusiastic study atmosphere.  
  • New kinds of capabilities to jump into the future working life.  
  • Teamwork skills and time and project management skills. 
  • Contacts and networks with different companies and international players. 
  • Possible team members or colleagues for your future business activities.  
  • New perspectives and ideas to implement together with motivated like-minded people!  

Application Schedule 

  • The application period for 2023 has ended! The next application period will be in the fall of 2024 (for the 2025 season).

Y-Akatemia – Karelia University of Applied Sciences,
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